Best Rower Machines To Help You Achieve Your Dream Body

Are you looking for the perfect home exercise machine to help you lose weight? Then check out the following rowing machines from Aviron.

1.Impact Series Rower

Do you find it hard to stick to an exercise routine? Then maybe you just haven’t found the right machine that can help you lose weight and be in the best shape of your life. You should check out the Impact Series Rower. This is not the same rowing machine that you’re probably already familiar with. This is a full-body workout machine that will stimulate both your mind and your body. It comes with a 22 inch HD touch screen that can serve as a tool for you to have an effective workout. You can do – not one – but seven different workouts with this machine. This is why it’s perfect for you no matter what your fitness level is.

2.Tough Series Rower

This is basically the same as the Impact Series Rower…only tougher. And it also has premium features. This Tough Rower has a 507-pound weight limit. It is built using high-strength steel and aluminum. It also has a reinforced rail for added stability and strength. Indeed, this machine is built to last and will surely be with you throughout your whole fitness journey. It’s ideal for households with multiple users. This machine is tougher than most commercial rowing machines that you can see in gyms. This may not be as portable as the Impact Series Rower, but it’s still transportable thanks to the two wheels located at the front.

3.Lumbar Support Kit

Accessories are also available for the Tough Rower. This enables even those who are advanced in age and those who require assisted living to use the machine.

4.Rower Mat

You can use this with both the Impact Series and the Tough Rower.