Losing Weight on Your Work Out or Not?

Surely, if you have decided to lose weight and do work out, you’d find that there are many suggestions, opinions, and know-how on how you should go about it. With numerous recommendations, it even became confusing as to what’s best for you to do. So, to help you make the right choice on the most ideal work out routine for you, here are some actual and related facts that you can consider.

When you do your work out, you may decide to do the so-called spot reduction exercises that are said to target specific part/s of the body. For instance, you want to reduce your abdominal body fat and may decide to simply do ab exercises. However, studies and tests have shown that this may not be as effective as it may seem. Although evidence is mixed, training only one part of your body may not be able to help you burn the fat in that area alone. So, what’s the best work out regimen to help you lose weight then?

Instead of targeting one area alone, you should do regular, whole body exercises like aerobics to help you burn fats and calories. Intensity of the work out also plays an important role. For example, a mid-high intensity exercise is better than a low intensity one. Regularity of the exercises is another key factor. Consider doing a moderately intensive work out 5x a week or a more intensive one 3x a week, as your prefer. Another thing that you might take into account is doing a combo on various types of exercises. It has been found that this routine is quite effective when it comes to losing weight.

Lastly, a healthy diet combined with a good work out will certainly help you achieve your goal of losing some pounds. Eat healthier like more protein and fiber and less on processed foods.