Oral Hygiene For Good Oral Health

The importance of oral hygiene

Oral hygiene prevention is always better than cure. By dedicating a few minutes each day to clean your teeth, you can save the hassle of dental treatment and the high costs it entails.

It is important to understand that proper oral hygiene should become a habit to follow carefully every day for the rest of your life, starting from childhood. Strong teeth allow you to eat and talk without problems and upgrade your appearance and self-confidence.

How do we brush our teeth?

Your teeth should be brushed with a medium or soft toothbrush and with rotational movements around the longitudinal axis of your brush; 3 times, every 2 teeth, in each jaw. We start from the area between the gums and the teeth, and we brush first all the teeth buccally and then lingually.

The movement is done by the wrist so that enough force is exerted to clean the plaque and food. If instead of rotating movements we make horizontal ones, then the force we exert can cause injuries and abrasions to the teeth. Finally, the interdental cleaning definitely follows.

Cleaning Tips!

  • Using oral solutions or rinsing your mouth with saline, fluorescent or antiseptic chlorhexidine solution, can improve your oral hygiene.
  • Dentures and other removable prosthetic restorations, should be cleaned with a brush, plain water and soap, or with the various cleaning solutions you can easily find on every market.

Foods and habits to avoid_Sugars

Sugars which have the highest degree of adhesion to teeth, such as candies, are likely to cause more damage to them, than those with a lower stickiness index, such as some forms of chocolate or most fruits.

Chewing gums

Chewing gums can damage teeth in poor condition, or remove loose fillings.


Smoking and tobacco chewing are closely linked to many dental diseases.


Caffeine products are known to cause stains on teeth.

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia nervosa, which results in vomiting, causes significant damage to your teeth, due to the acidic gastric fluid contained in the refluxed food.

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