Simple Living in 2020: Minimalism

Several generations ago, what’s in is to live extravagantly. People used to hoard. Aside from that, back then, items are really big such as televisions, cameras, and the likes. These days, as we move to more compact technology and multipurpose items, there is more space.

In 2020, we quit hoarding and we stop living wasteful lives. In 2020, we move to simple lifestyles. A simple life means you no longer purchase items that you do not need. You evaluate what you really need and you stick to that. Another thing that you can do is to give away or sell the things that you no longer use or to throw out those items that can no longer be used. In life, there are times when we are too sentimental. There’s nothing wrong with holding on to the things that you hold dear because of the memories they bring. However, there are some things that you should let go of when you do not really use them and they just bring clutter to your home.

Aside from that, living simply also means that you don’t purchase items that are worth too much. You don’t need a really big house. You don’t need a luxury car. You don’t really need a new phone when your phone still works perfectly fine and you don’t really have that much extra cash anyway. Living a simple life, you let go of extravagance. You focus on the things that are most important and are really useful.

Do you really need to eat in a fancy restaurant tonight or you can just cook for yourself and your family? Aside from less expense, another effect of living simply is that you get to appreciate things a lot more. You get to reconnect with your family as you bond together planting in the garden and playing games with each other rather than you playing a complex game on your expensive console that only you enjoy. As you live a simple lifestyle, you also get to save more money than you could invest or spend on other more important things.